Kurigram Technical School and College is a government Technical Institute. The institute is situated adjoining to the district Kurigram – Chilmary road. It is on the west of Border Guard Bangladesh, on the east of Kurigram Polytechnic, on the south of Ansar Battalion and on the north of Vocational More Bazar. It is established on 4.98 acre of land in 1965. It is known as Vocational Training Institute (VTI) from the beginning. At that time Technical and Vocational modular course/trade course was conducted here subsequently, to face the challenge of globalization to build up the majority people as educated and skilled resources. Combining the old course curriculum with general and technical education, the course of two years SSC (Vocational) in 1995 and two years HSC (Vocational) in 1997 were introduced separately. Then the institute held the name ‘Kurigram Technical School and College’. This curriculum certificate has achieved the acceptance everywhere, being the same standard of SSC and HSC of general education board. Courses on four trade or Technologies are General Electrical Works, Farm Machinery or Agro Machinery, Welding and Fabrication and Poultry Rearing & Farming. The students are admitted into class nine for SSC (Voc) course at the early of December and class eleven for HSC (Voc) course in June (Cluster trade wise). The students passing from those trade or technologies are directly engaged into self employment and jobs both at home or abroad or achieve qualifications for being admitted for higher education in all Colleges, Polytechnic Institutes and Universities of the country.

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